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About Torpedo: 

For those of you who don't know me, my name is J.C. Sutherlin. I'm a southern California native from San Diego. I'm a quirky tech inclined photographer and videographer with a deep-rooted background in music. Growing up attending NAMM, studying music theory, show production, and learning directly from industry legends such as Daniel Jensen, Kirsten Jensen, Greg Watermann, Mark Ley, Christina Priess, and Mike Fasano all while teaching myself multimedia skills to tackle modern content marketing. 

With JTorpedo 6 years old this year and many amazing stories within the music industry, I've made the decision to work with amazing talent but in a different industry. As of July 2nd, 2019 JTorpedo will exclusively work within the automotive industry with open approval upon request available for portraits, marketing and consulting. 

My Career:

With my original photos going back to 2001 while I was just grabbing a few shots with my point'n'shoot for my musician buddies. I started my marketing and photo career as a street team member with Famous Stars and Straps which lead to 12 amazing years of creative learning. The next stage of my career began at my first job. I was the graphic designer and editor at North Coast Photographic for 2 years while I was studying digital arts. Shortly after leaving College, I went on to work with NAMM and their museum of making music becoming their photographer for the next 5 years. During my time with NAMM, my then mentor brought me to shoot my first professional show "It's Not Dead Fest" in 2015. That show was the start of a year-long success train of 200 shows in one year. Shooting for and with bands and productions such as Offspring, The Used, The Addict, Social Distortion, Korn, Pepper, Iration, Vans Warped Tours, Knotfest, Driftwood Fest, Musink and many more. 

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Skills & Education:

Having been mostly self-taught with the help of major talents, my skills are vast- including but not limited to Photography both digital and film, Videography, 2D Animation, Graphic design, Social Media Management, Marketing Consulting, Corporate Branding, Real-time Content Production, and Artist Relations. 

My career-specific education falls back to 2011 when I received my first Nikon DSLR as a gift from my Dad. I shot everything under the sun until early 2012 when one of my mentors wanted me to accept an internship at North Coast Photo. As a requirement, I had to attend college so I begrudgingly accepted the challenge. I ended up testing out of my first classes my second week. I went on to maintain a 4.0 and receive academic honors, returning as a student teacher the following semester. Having such early success word got out quickly and resulted in receiving offers from multiple Ivy League Schools but politely declined to go on my first tour with Pepper. As of today that was the best decision of my life and continues to produce amazing results to this day.  

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