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Frequently Asked Questions

"What's your skill set?"

I specialize in Photography for Marketing, Conventions, Concerts, Music Artist, Radio, Portraits, Head Shots, Corporate Events, & B-Role Stills. Videography for Marketing, YouTube, Twitch Partners, Corporate Events, Concerts, & B-Role. Graphic Design for T-Shirts, Leggings, Logos, Business Cards, Website, Social Media, & Twitch.TV. Media Editing for Photo: Retouching, Restoration, Enhancing,  Splicing & Video: Color Correction, Credits, Special FX, professional Editing, Graphics Animation, and Film Finishing. Marketing Consulting for Music, Entertainment, Apparel/Fashion, Life Style, Yoga/Health, and Corporate Branding.

"Can you Teach me?"

Yes! Once upon a time, I used to be a teacher. Upon succeeding college, I received many offers to teach at some of the highest profile educational institutions this great country has to offer. Due to current schedule restrictions, in-person lessons are rare but not impossible with ample planning. I'm also available for Skype sessions and 15-minute call/ Facetime lessons.

"Do you travel?"

Yes! Having the ability to travel the world for personal and professional endeavors, you can spot me just about anywhere. You'll most likely catch me around San Diego, California catching a local show and fun. Please don't hesitate to say hello when you see me. :-)

"What Gear do you use?" 

As long as I can remember I've Nikon cameras with Nikkor lenses even back in the film days. I also use InCaseBags: I always have to have my gear safe and protected from all those crazy mosh pits. Seagate Hard Drives: they're the most reliable drives I've ever used. Black Rapid Camera Straps: the sports strap has saved my neck from big heavy gear so many times I've lost track. SKB Cases: I absolutely love these cases for the really sensitive gear and they're great for traveling through airports. Wacom: I received the Intuos 5 as a gift and now I highly recommend it as a necessity for any photoshop or Adobe product user. Razer: infamous within the gaming industry as some of the best keyboards and mice available, coming from a gaming background this is all I've used for a very long time. I truly love all these products and at the moment of writing this I am not endorsed or represent any of these companies in any way shape or form. That doesn't mean it won't happen someday soon ;-)

With the band...

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