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JTorpedo Photomedia & Design 

About JTorpedo 

JTorpedo has been a placement in the photo-visual industry since 2008. Starting as an independent freelance photographer covering birthday parties and events for local government. Now working directly for bands and corporations that have a large global presence providing photo and video content for personal and professional documentation, persevering precious once in a lifetime memories and marketing content. 

Growing up surrounded by business entrepreneurs, film photographers, and creative minds in high profile situations. Being invited to teach at expert level educational institutions, my knowledge, and understanding of creative, visual, and digital arts are proclaimed and revered by some of the brightest and smartest minds in the industry. 

Currently Based out of San Diego, California Providing local and touring support for musical artists such as Pepper, Tiger Army, Dirty Heads, Social Distortion, The Used, The Offspring, and Sum 41. Also, a GoPro Content producer, providing high-quality jaw-dropping photos and video to the masses for the juggernaut action camera manufacturer. Always working towards the goal of personal and educational growth to be at the forefront of bleeding edge technology in an ever changing industry.

JTorpedo has an undying love for the arts and creative endeavors in which the expression and emotion of other artists and creatives can be portrayed in the positive light they deserve in a world filled with so called professionals searching just to "make the next buck". Passion and creative professionalism have alway been at the forefront of JTorpedo values.  

Photo by: Katrina Marie Photography

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